A bit of my history and bands of the past ....


The Lap Stones

This is my first band - The Lap Stones, or The Stones as my 7th grade friends called us... 

We wrote and performed our own material. Who could forget the big hits like:
"Love Is Kind", "Pride", or "Have You Been Telling Lies To Me Girl?"

We drove the Catholic girls crazy.


Here I am at 18, ready to move to the big cities - Minneapolis/St.Paul.

In reality I had no plan, just going where the wind blew me.


Got hired by a band out of east side St.Paul, called Raggs. Opened up for a lot of great shows such as
Edgar Winter Band, James Brown, April Wine and many others.

We would play The Cabooze four nights in a row, Wednesday through Saturday, and pack it every night.
Obviously the DUI laws back then were a little more lax.

Lot of memories with these guys... Buffalo and I went on to form the original version of the Bedrockers many years later.

The Metro All Stars

My next band, The Metro All Stars (aka The Metros) was probably not only my favorite band, but my favorite group
of human beings on this planet.

We appeared on the "original" American Idol - Star Search - and won one week, and were kicked to the curb the next.

Released two recordings, Night At The Prom and The Metros. Signed to MTM-Capitol records, toured throughout
the country playing our own brand of rock and roll and soul music.

I wish I had recorded all of the antics that went on inside our van on the way back and forth to the gigs.

Monty Python-esque humor had us forever falling down laughing. Very entertaining group of gentlemen.

Unfortunately we'll never be able to regroup because we lost our beloved Andy Bailey.


The Original Bedrockers

The Original Bedrockers lineup. From left to right: Shane, me, Curly, Buffalo, Mark A.


The Jonsons

Featuring Erik Fratske (Happy Apple) and Billy Scherer


Another version of Club Metro

Featuring Brian Gallagher (Prince, Taylor Hicks) Mpls, MN